5 Reasons to Choose Our Custom Made Bifold Doors


Bifold doors are the perfect fittings to complement your home’s interior. They are an affordable and space-saving solution that will make your entranceway standout.

Here are 5 more reasons to choose our custom made bifold doors.


  1. Multifunctional

As the name suggests, bifold doors open on either side of an entranceway. By opening the doors to one side, you have much more space to utilise. This offers a range of practical and aesthetic advantages.

With more space to move, bifold doors are ideal for any home. They provide an ideal entryway between rooms and they are flexible enough for commercial and residential environments.

Most modern alfresco settings also make use of bifold doors. They’re the perfect way to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor settings, both aesthetically and functionally. This is the ideal way to create an indoor-outdoor flow and true outdoor living environment.


  1. Made from Premium Material

Our bifold doors are manufactured using quality Alspec commercial grade aluminium. The 6.38mm of laminated glass is superbly engineered within our doors and they are installed with Centor 316 hardware.

This results in smooth and reliable operation and doors that are made to last. We don’t compromise on quality and you won’t find a more impressive bifold door.


  1. Improve the Temperature in Your Home

Installing a bifBifold doors in an alfresco settingold is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your home. Providing more air flow throughout the property, your family won’t suffer through stifling summer heat. Getting natural sunlight in your home also reduces your need to use electricity.


On the other hand, a light summer breeze allows your home to cool down while keeping the living conditions comfortable. Less reliance on your air conditioning and central heating is always a positive thing!



  1. Bug Protection

As much as we love a great Australian summer, so do those annoying insects. They always come out in the warmer months and can plague the home. Fortunately, with our custom made bifold doors, that is a thing of the past. As a registered installer of the Centor S1E retractable flyscreen, your home is safe from insects. Don’t worry, your views will not be obstructed with a flyscreen.


  1. No Fuss Installation

Our services are not just limited to installing your new bifold doors. We provide an all-inclusive service for our customers. This includes:


Our team of experienced tradesmen work to solve any problem you may have. No matter how difficult the job may be, there is a solution that works with bifold doors.

As a custom made bifold doors specialist, our products are of the highest quality. If you would like to know about our range of bifold doors, contact us today. Our experienced staff will discuss the ideal solution for your Perth home.