Advantages of Aluminium Doors & Windows

Aluminium Doors PerthWith their modern and stylish appearance, aluminium doors and windows are becoming the preferred material of choice by homeowners, architects and builders for bifold doors, French doors, windows and other applications. Offering a clean, contemporary look and highly versatile capability, aluminium doors and windows are not only setting the trend but provide the following advantages:

Thermal Performance

Aluminium doors and windows meet or exceed current energy efficiency standards. More specifically, they easily attain improvements in heat gain and heat loss through windows or doors by 60{dd465be776a5a681237292000b401bd163f64a8e9e76bdba85c049bf4cf901ea} compared to timber and uPVC.


Aluminium is structurally stronger than timber and vinyl (PVC), and is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, especially in high wind areas, making it ideal for use in the coldest or very hottest of climates. Aluminium doesn’t swell, warp or twist unlike timber that is subject to movement when used in longer lengths, thus not recommended for larger panels. Aluminium is resistant to termites, rodents and other pests that affect timber, and does not rot, giving it an extended product life.

Low Maintenance

Having relatively low maintenance is another advantage of aluminium, which has corrosion resistant qualities. Timber in comparison, requires greater maintenance especially if it is stained or exposed to the sun or near coastal suburbs. To keep aluminium looking as good as it did when it was installed, simply wipe it down occasionally to get rid of any dirt build-up.

Design flexibility

Offering endless possibilities in its design, aluminium doors or windows can be made into many shapes or sizes and can be powder coated to match any colour. Creating a unique look to your home or business is easier with a product that has the design flexibility only limited by your imagination.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is 100{dd465be776a5a681237292000b401bd163f64a8e9e76bdba85c049bf4cf901ea} recyclable, non toxic and unlike timber (that involves cutting down native forests), is a fully sustainable alternative. Additionally, aluminium products use relatively less energy in their production compared to timber, which requires more energy to cut, transport, treat, and manufacture hardwood doors or windows.


As more and more customers and businesses are choosing aluminium, its cost is lower than the more expensive timber alternative, that can be up to 50{dd465be776a5a681237292000b401bd163f64a8e9e76bdba85c049bf4cf901ea} more expensive than aluminium.

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