Get an All-Inclusive Installation with Alternative Doors!Man installing lock on a door


Most companies are willing to work for a client but how many of them will work with a client? There is a big difference between the two.

At Alternative Doors, we combine our experience and expertise your plans for a new door or window.

We’re not just working for a pay cheque – we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s what you can expect from an all-inclusive Alternative Doors installation.


How Alternative Doors Work

When you work with Alternative Doors, you are working with an experienced doors and windows specialist. We provide an effective solution to your needs, regardless of the size of the job. Trust us to remove bricks and brick walls, create new openings for your doors and windows and leave you with a great finished product.

Our range includes:

The Installation Process

Our team of builders, carpenters and installers have worked on many window and door installations – more than 90 years’ worth to be exact.

Our process is usually simple and straightforward, but even when it’s more complex, we’ll complete the work to ensure you can enjoy the finished product.

Removal of Walls and Brickwork

Removing bricks and walls is a delicate operation. Alternative Doors specialists will work to ensure the removal of the brick wall is conducted safely and efficiently. We remove both external and internal brickwork from the top down so the structural integrity is maintained. After the removal, whole bricks can be re-used or recycled, giving back to your project and the environment.

Lintel Installation

The best new doors and windows are built with support. A lintel is a load-bearing adherent that is installed above your new entranceway. Installing a lintel takes the weight off the wall prior to removing bricks. An inspection of the area will be conducted before setting up the lintel and all precautionary measures will be taken to ensure the site is safe.

Once installed, a lintel can be used strictly as support or for decoration above your new door or window.

Creating New Doorways and Openings

The timeframe for creating a new opening will depend on their exact size and other specifications.

Our team will mark out the measurements, drill holes using a masonry bit and cut a horizontal slot in the centre of the new entranceway. This is done just above the top line above the lintel. An attachment is then fitted to support the weight of the wall.

Once the area is dry (usually overnight) the new door or window is ready to be installed.

Door and Window Installations

Alternative Doors has an in-house team of builders, carpenters and installers who professionally fit and install doors and windows. Aluminium is our speciality, but we can provide a range of solutions for you. Talk to our experts about your new installation.

Alternative Doors is the leader in window and door installation, quality workmanship and customer service. We are qualified, experienced and fully compliant with all building codes. To discuss how we can help you with your next door or window installation in Perth, get in touch with us today.