Bifold Door Benefits

Bifold Doors PerthBifold doors can add value to a home or business by providing many practical and aesthetic benefits. Here are the top five reasons to invest in a new aluminium bifold door:

Seamless view with a Bifold

The flexibility of a bifold door gives you the ability to open doors either to one side or to both sides of the opening. Regardless of how you choose to configure your bifolds, they allow for a seamless transition from your indoor area to the beautiful outdoors. Whether opened or closed, the beauty of a bifold is the ability to enjoy an expansive view of your outdoor area, whether it be overlooking a pool, the ocean or a beautiful backyard landscape.

Maximum opening capability

Bifolds provide the advantage of having all doors open to one side, giving you maximum opening space, either between rooms or to connect with the great outdoors. The solid construction of aluminium bifold doors and framing allow for a greater expansive opening, ideal for commercial or residential applications. Being stronger and more durable than timber, aluminium is recommended for maximum opening capabilities.

Expand your living space

With the addition of a bifold door, two smaller rooms can be transformed into one larger, more functional living space. Having the flexibility to open up the bifold doors as you like, whether leaving just one door open or half the doors open, gives you the flexibility to use your expanded living space as you wish.

Brighter and airier indoors

Adding a bifold door might be the best decision you make. Not only can a bifold give your home a brighter, more open feel, it can also give your home better air flow, helping to reduce that stifling feeling in warmer months. Plus, the addition of a retractable flyscreen, will not only keep annoying insects and bugs at bay, but can match the colour and overall look of your new bifold door.

Modern appeal of Bifold Doors

Bifolds are stylish and contemporary in their design and can be powder coated to whatever colour you wish. The clean lines of an aluminium bifold give it a modern, timeless appeal and will look just as beautiful in years to come.

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