Summer – the Perfect Time to Replace Your Windows!


Summer is the best of year to enjoy the company of others. Those long sunny days and crisp warm nights are bliss. Unfortunately, the air conditioner doesn’t have as much fun in summer a
s we do! In the searing Perth heat, the air con is put under a lot of stress and that means a rise in electricity bills.

Fortunately, there is a solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. If you’re a homeowner in Perth this summer, open up your world with some brand new windows!


Best Time of the Year

Replacing windInstaller drilling screw into window frameows isn’t always high on people’s to-do lists. But the reality is, all windows will eventually need replacing. Summer is the best time to do this and it’s not just because of the nice weather.

Winter presents several problems for window installation, including moisture from the frost and rain. This can prevent seals from drying, affecting the overall quality of your windows.

On dry summer days when the humidity is low, window installation becom
es a relatively simple process. Our team of installers will work diligently to let you enjoy your new windows right away.



Create a Comfortable Environment

Your home is your castle and it should be treated accordingly. During the warmer months, you want to ensure there is enough natural light in the home.

New windows create a comfortable living environment for a home’s occupants. They open up your space to the glorious summer light and let the breeze flow through, complementing your air conditioning.

Aluminium windows can be manufactured to your exact needs, whether you need sliding, bifold, servery or awning windows.


Double Glazing for Extra Effect

Single or double glazed windows will enhance your environment even more. Double glazed windows have sealed air in between the gaps of the two window panes. This provides an extra layer of insulation, reducing the heat that enters your home in summer and, of course, the cold air in winter. As electricity bills continue to rise, glazed windows could be your money-saving solution this summer.


Added Value

New windows help to increase the value of your home and they add much-needed kerb appeal, too. They may not seem like much, but new windows can style your entire property, helping to shape and frame interiors and exteriors. As part of a smart home improvement plan, windows can add thousands of dollars to a property. They’re one of the first things that a prospective buyer will see and they can enhance the appearance of every room they’re in. If you’re planning on selling in the future, windows are a vital investment.

Even if you don’t plan on selling, you can still reap the benefits of new windows. Natural sunlight is nature’s source of energy. So why not enjoy waking up in sunshine throughout the summer months.

CTA: So, what are you waiting for? Don’t put off replacing your windows any longer. Contact Alternative Doors for a consultation and our team will happily assist you with your enquiry.